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About Kelley Thorpe Baker

Kelley Thorpe Baker

About Kelley Thorpe Baker, Mental Health and Wellness Coach

Specializing in mental health and wellness, I coach individuals who are experiencing anxiety, chronic depression, bipolar disorder, significant life change, and other mood and personality disorders. I am a mental health and wellness coach with lived experience; I have walked in your shoes and I know what it can be like when hopes are dashed by a mental illness diagnosis. 

However, my mental illness does not define me.  Nor does it limit my potential.  I've been able to create great things despite my mental health diagnosis; including:

  • having a beautiful and loving family,
  • becoming a six-figure sales and marketing executive with a global hospitality company,
  • having healthy and fulfilling relationships with colleagues and friends,
  • becoming physically healthy and strong, 
  • developing a regular volunteer schedule with responsibilities,
  • creating a deep spiritual life where I allow myself to love God fully, and to experience HIS love,
  • creating a robust coaching practice where my clients achieve outstanding results.

I firmly believe that an amazing life is possible for anybody with a mental health diagnosis.  However, being mentally healthy takes a considerable amount of hard work.  My clients are eager to put in the time, energy and resources to become the best version of themselves possible.

What is it worth for you to achieve (or be well on your way to achieving) your top three health and wellness goals over the next 40 days?  What would you be doing? What would it feel like? How would it impact your life moving forward? 

Can you afford NOT to discover what is possible?  Complete the "APPLICATION TO WORK WITH ME" (below) and set up a COMPLIMENTARY Coaching Call where we can discuss your vision for your future and discuss your Health History.  I can't wait to hear from you! 

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