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Manage your bipolar symptoms, strengthen relationships with people you love and rediscover yourself at "Bipolar Bootcamp".

Bipolar Disorder

One in four individuals struggles with a mental illness during their lifetime.  Almost six million adults in the United States live with Bipolar Disorder, which is roughly 2.6% of the population.  You are not alone.

Do you desire to be mentally healthy, and to achieve goals you may have given up on due to your diagnosis? The problematic symptoms that come with Bipolar Disorder can wreak havoc on you, causing you emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.  This results in feeling chaotic, depressed, misunderstood, and alone.

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am a mental health and wellness coach with lived experience; I have Bipolar Disorder and I understand, first-hand, the symptoms you endure. I blog for Bipolar Magazine about wellness strategies and living with Bipolar Disorder. My research and lived experience have been the foundation for wellness programs I've created to stay mentally healthy, which I share with others that have Bipolar Disorder.  

Please understand that a Health Coach is not a doctor or a psychologist; rather, we come alongside these professionals to assist you with implementing your care strategy.  Though I focus on holistic and behavioral remedies in my work, I partner with those who manage their illnesses with medication as well as those who choose to manage their care holistically.

About "Bipolar Bootcamp" and "40 Days to Wellness"

Whether you are struggling to overcome chronic depression, stabilizing a mood disorder that has your current relationships in chaos, or looking to kick your anxiety in the face, our web-based programs will give you a taste of what it is like to turn the tables on mental illness and achieve targeted results in the areas of mental health and wellness.

"Bipolar Bootcamp" is an online program that clients around the world can participate in, regardless of their location. This program is highly effective for those with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood and personality disorders.

In Phase I, clients will  jumpstart their mental health and wellness goals over the course of six weeks, via day-by-day communications with "40 Days of Wellness" creator and health coach, Kelley Thorpe Baker.

In Phase II, clients will receive additional one-on-one and group coaching support, where they will have an opportunity to focus on their unique goals and commitments.

This program is for those who are ready to commit time daily to making deep and lasting changes and improvements in their lives. 

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