About Bipolar Bootcamp

Your Health History

The first thing we do at Bipolar Bootcamp is to review your health history, and identify the most troubling symptoms you are experiencing as a result of your illness. We'll have you complete measurements too; as your physical body may undergo changes and improvements as a result of following recommendations made in the plan.

Get Clear on Your Goals

During our first call together (your 50-minute Complimentary Consultation Call) we'll get crystal clear on the health and wellness goals you want to achieve, or be on your way to achieving, in the next four months. We'll outline strategies to induce positive action, and discuss what it will take for you to achieve your goals (physically and emotionally).  This will provide us with the roadmap we'll follow over the course of your program.

Jumpstart Your Program with "40 Days to Wellness" (Phase I)

One major topic each day for 40 days.  Why 40 days? It takes 40 days to make new habits.  In our first six weeks together, you'll learn about Bipolar Disorder, and about both manic and depressive symptoms that can be wreak havoc on your life, and how to overcome those symptoms with wellness strategies.

Participate in Weekly Conference Calls

We'll have a live call each Sunday at 7:00 pm (Pacific), with the intention of having our participants learn more about Bipolar Disorder and it's symptoms.

Each Thursday at 12pm (Pacific), we'll have a Q&A call, where Bipolar Bootcamp participants can pose questions, get feedback and hear how others are staying healthy and balanced.

One-on-One Live Coaching (Phase II)

Enjoy a bi-weekly coaching call with mental health and wellness coach, Kelley Thorpe Baker.  We'll dive deep in these 25-minute calls, where we will be laser-focused about completing the goals you committed to in your Complimentary Consultation Call.

Unlimited Email Support

I'm just an email away for the duration of your program; if you require support, I'm here to help.

STEP 1: Hop on a webinar to learn more about my programs

Learn about "Bipolar Bootcamp", including "40 Days to Wellness" in a powerful, 45-minute webinar.

Join our upcoming webinar, where we will discuss:

  • Limiting beliefs that hold you back when you you have a mental illness;
  • Why relationships matter when you have a mental illness;
  • How to break free from stigma and desocialization;
  • What it takes to be mentally healthy and on your way to remission;
  • A sampling of the "40 Days to Wellness" Daily Topics.

STEP 2: Catch Kelley's welcome message

Once you've signed up for your webinar, listen to this brief welcome from mental health and wellness coach Kelley Thorpe Baker.


Ready to do this? Schedule a Complimentary Coaching Call with me!

Learn more about "Bipolar Bootcamp" and "40 Days to Wellness" in our online store.

All participants are invited to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Consultation Call, a 50-minute Goal Setting and Health History Call with Health Coach Kelley Thorpe Baker.  Simply click here to see my schedule in real time and reserve your spot TODAY. In preparation for your call, kindly complete the APPLICATION TO WORK WITH ME, so that I can learn more about you and your unique needs.

Kelley Thorpe Baker, who specializes in mental health disorders, lives with Bipolar Disorder and blogs on the topic at Bipolar Magazine. She is a speaker with NAMI California's "In Our Own Voice" program and volunteers with NAMI TriValley.

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